daniel koppelman

Daniel Koppelman - digitalisman (1997)
Performed live on piano, Yamaha Disklavier and Korg Wavestation A/D synthesizer, with additional sequenced playback.

Daniel Koppelman - Pleasant Under Glass (1994)
A six movement suite for four-hands, performed on a Wavestation synthesizer, recorded into (and edited in) Opcode’s Vision sequencer.

Daniel Koppelman - Three Preludes for Processed Piano (1998)
Performed live on piano with processing courtesy of the Wavestation’s analog inputs and effects.

Christopher Dobrian - Unnatural Selection (1996)
Piano improvisation with Disklavier accompaniment produced on an E-mu UltraProteus and inspired by a computation technique known as a “genetic algorithm”.

Daniel Koppelman - Re:Play (1992)
Re:Play started as an improvisation on pitch material taken from rorondondo, with the Wavestation’s “Acoustic Guitar” patch the only sound used.

Daniel Koppelman - Simple Harmonic Motion (1991)
An interactive, structured improvisation using two live performers (one on the keys, the other “inside” the piano with fingertips, fingernails, and metal beater directly on the strings and frame) and a computer that responds in various ways to MIDI data received.  The title reflects both a physical analogy, with silence as the restoring force, and a theoretic evaluation.  

Daniel Koppelman - rorondondo (1994)
rorondondo began in the early 1980’s as a bebopish tune for jazz quartet.  The present version, for piano four-hands, was performed on a Korg SGproX electronic piano; recorded into (and edited in) Vision.