duo runedako
ruth neville daniel koppelman
Multiple Keyboards

Claude Debussy - En Blanc et Noir (1915)
A landmark in the two piano genre.  The work was composed during World War I, the horrors of which had deeply affected Debussy.

Mel Powell - Setting for Two Pianos (1988)
A meticulously polished study for Powell’s 1989 Pulitzer Prize-winning Duplicates: A Concerto for Two Pianos.

runedako - Simple Harmonic Motion (1991)
Interactive music scored for Yamaha Disklavier, Korg Wavestation, and Macintosh computer running Opcode/IRCAM MAX.

Paul Davies - Titanic: From the Ocean Floor (1989)
This psychologically programmatic composition, for two pianos, was premiered at the 1990 Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Music in Darmstadt.

Daniel Koppelman - Re:Play (1992)
Starting with a seven-layered improvisation, Re-Play was molded with Mark of the Unicorn’s Performer sequencer.