Recombinant Nocturnes
Ruth Neville Daniel Koppelman, piano
Music of Benjamin Broening for piano and electronics

recomb CDDouble Nocturne
Nocturne Fragments: Mercurial
Nocturne Fragments: Remote
Nachtlied (Second Nocturne)
Nocturne Fragments: Gentle, tolling, flexible
Nocturne Fragments: Flexible, mysterious, resonant
Nocturne/Doubles: piano and electronics
Nocturne Fragments: Aggressive, bright, eventually giving way
Nocturne Fragments: Eternal
Nocturne Fragments: Tenderly (i)
Nocturne Fragments: Tenderly (i)
Third Nocturne: piano and electronics
Nocturne Fragments: Tenderly (ii)
Night Falls (Nocturne Loops): four pianos

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daniel koppelman
music for piano and electronics

Disc 1: CD of selections
Disc 2: DVD with 5.1 channel surround mixes of each composition plus additional commentary and footage.

Benjamin Broening - Nocturne/Doubles (2001)
William Kleinsassser - Quintuple Escapement (2003)
Daniel Koppelman - digitalisman (2002)
Eric Lyon - Psychic Driving (2000)
James Mobberley - Voices: In Memoriam (2001)
Christopher Dobrian - Unnatural Selection (1996)
Wayne Peterson - Four Preludes for Solo Piano (2000)

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daniel koppelman

Koppelman - digitalisman (1997)
Koppelman - Pleasant Under Glass (1994)
Koppelman - Three Preludes for Processed Piano (1998)
Christopher Dobrian - Unnatural Selection (1996)
Koppelman - Re:Play (1992)
Koppelman - Simple Harmonic Motion (1991)
Koppelman - rorondondo (1994)

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duo runedako
ruth neville daniel koppelman
Multiple Keyboards

Claude Debussy - En Blanc et Noir (1915)
Mel Powell - Setting for Two Pianos (1988)
runedako - Simple Harmonic Motion (1991)
Paul Davies - Titanic: From the Ocean     Floor (1989)
Daniel Koppelman - Re:Play (1992)

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Interplay, for Piano Four-Hands and Orchestra 

Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Valek conductor
Ruth Neville, Daniel Koppelman, piano
David Gillingham, composer

     “The piece unfolds in an augmented presentation of material heard in the first theme of the piece, accompanied by a pandiatonic ostinato in the piano primo and cascading woodwinds…     An extended coda brings the work to a rousing close.”    
...David Gillingham, composer

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Sock Monkey
Ruth Neville Daniel Koppelman
Piano four-hands and live electronics

Mark Applebaum - On the Nature of the Modern Age
Piano duo and live electronics, (2005)

“…a piece that incorporates live sampling, hence the work is built on the accretion, transformation, and subsequent attrition of sounds.” 
...Mark Applebaum, composer

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